5 carat pink diamond sells for $10.8 million (U.S)

A rare "vivid pink" diamond was sold in an auction for a record $10.8 million in Hong Kong in December 2009 .The diamond has a "vivid pink" hue and is considered nearly perfect. The vivid pink diamond set the highest per-carat auction price of $2.2 million. If you remember in 2002 actor Ben Affleck gave Super Star Jennifer Lopez a rare 6 carat pink diamond. In 2002 it was purchased for 1.2 million dollars from Harry Winston Jewelers.


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Flawless 5 carat blue diamond sells for $6.4 (U.S.) Million


A flawless 5 carat sky blue diamond fetched a yet another record breaking price at the Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong. The 5.16 carat blue diamond auctioned off at the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale on April 7 (2010) was estimated at $4.6 million and $5.8 million. It sold for $6.4 million USD (HKD 49.94 million) well above auction estimates. London's Moussaieff Jewelers has been identified as the buyer of the stone.

A  Hong Kong Billionaire  paid a total of  $77 milion  in Genever on November the 12th for 2 colored diamonds  offered at auction at Southeby's . Sold was a 12.03 Carat Blue Diamond and a 16.08 Carat Vivid Pink DIamond  Both setting record prices for colored diamonds



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