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Our story dates back to 1971 when a group here at Hard Assets Ltd entered into diamond and gold bullion trading. They started trading  in the precious metals markets. We started dealing in the silver bullion and diamonds back when silver was little more than $1 per ounce and gold was just about $50 per ounce.

This experience translated over the years into a  highly professional, seasoned team of individuals who  have worked to  build hard asset wealth with proven strategies that have been stellar performers for more that 39 years.

Paper assets will come and go. A recent example of that is the debacle with Enron or the bankrupcies of GM and Lehman Brothers  in the United States and JAL in Japan. Unlike paper assets, hard assets do not "zero"  out.

We have more than 39 years experience. Our consultants and bullion traders   have been actively involved in the markets since 1971. Along with many others we will do what is necessary to educate you and satisfy your financial goals
Diamond trading has grown in sophistication. Gems were considered an illiquid asset. Auctions are rare and gem valuation was considered more of an art than a science. But in January the Dealers Organization for Diamond Automated Quotes, an online diamond exchange, was launched, managed by Dutch bank ABN Amro. The Belgium-based DODAQ exchange attempts to surmount other traditional barriers to investment in the diamond market, such as high sales fees and offers two-way auctions for polished diamonds, the first cash market for the gems.


More and more people are turning to colored diamonds as an investment creating demand for such a market as the one managed by ABM Amro.  There are also a number of diamond hedge funds that have evolved over the last year or so resulting from the economic disaster of 2007. We will keep you posted of their evolution as time permits. However if you would like more information with regard to acquiring investment grade colored diamonds please email on our "contact" page.



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